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A look at our Shop Work


Quality, as represented by raw materials used, manufacturing practices employed, and condition of the finished product, is of prime importance. Knowledge of new technology in the interest of improved quality and/or lower cost is welcomed. We inspect all of our product before shipping for each of the following:

Surface preparation and conditions

Glass content and Barcol hardness

Adherence to construction details

Laminate thickness and sequence

Dimensional tolerance

Visual Defects



A Look at Some of our Field Work


Our field service crew is ready at a moment's notice to mobilize and plan for your maintenance outage or shutdown.  From inspection to implementation, we have the experience to get you back on line and maintain your schedules.  We can mobilize around the clock or schedule as needed.



Tanker Division


All composite FRP chemical trailers are more durable in the transportation of hazardous chemicals than other materials. Our goal in both our tanker vessels and repair services is to lower operating costs and downtime.

Our newly designed all composite chemical trailers are available through Silver Eagle Manufacturing, Inc. These vessels provide superior durability with many features not available in competitor's vessels.

Our annual inspection services are thorough and consistent while minimizing downtime. Should repairs be necessary, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians will perform repairs under the strictest quality controls, whether it's a minor repair patch or full reline.

All repairs & maintenance are serviced by our team of highly trained experts and all hold DOT certifications (DOT-SP 14779).


Northstar Trailer #2.JPG

Lifeboat Repair


A good lifeboat is deployed fast in order to save lives in a dangerous situation. Regular maintenance and-if necessary- a repair, assures proper function in case of an emergency. Whether it is minor fender repair, or a complete overhaul of your lifeboat, CCI has a wide scope of experience in fiberglass repair and is able to repair any structural damage and cracks on the boat.



Quality Control & Delivery


Prior to delivery of any product the customer will be provided a full Quality Control report and documentation of all records maintained for compliance of the original order.


Our full time quality control manager, along with our staff members, want to ensure that we are keeping up with the latest technology in filament winding and fabricating techniques so that we may always provide you with the highest quality service.


CCI's products are custom built from the raw state. We use over 100 different chemicals from as many distributors to produce your products.


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